Pride parade

18 08 2008

Hi everyone ! 🙂

Guess what, end of the summer = beginning of pride parades ! 😀 Since 1979, Montreal is celebrating on Sainte-Catherine Street. It’s always a huge event. So I decided to introduce you to the Montreal Gay Village (apparently the North American biggest gay village in terms of scope of the complete area with 2 kilometers). Remember the first world Outgames in 2006 ? 111 countries and lots of fun ? That was right there. 🙂 Check out the 2009 Outgames in Denmark !


Olympic games – China wants perfection

13 08 2008

“We combined the perfect voice and the perfect performance.”

Okay, so it begins with two little girls: Lin Miakoe and Yang Peiyi. Remember the opening ceremony for the Olympic games ? There’s this rumor that says that the girl we all saw on TV wasn’t the one who was singing ! Why ? Because the singing was apparently not cute and beautiful enough. How horrible. Little girls ! 😦

In this photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, Lin Miaoke, a nine-year-old Chinese girl who performed at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on the day before, returns to the Xizhongjie Primary School of Dongcheng District in Beijing on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008. A 7-year-old Chinese girl’s face was “not suitable” for the Olympics opening ceremony, so Lin lip-synched “Ode to the Motherland”, the latest example of the lengths Beijing took for a perfect start to the Summer Games. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Zhou Liang) (read more)

Fake, fake and… fake.

Then: The opening ceremony’s organisers were working on the Fireworks for over a year so that the public sees FAKE ?!!! Gosh, that’s really depressing. I also heard that before the Olympics started, China “cleaned“ the country by making disappear homosexuals, beggars, Tibet defenders, human rights activists, ect. Everything that would make them “imperfect“ (China sure doesn’t look perfect at all with what’s happening with the Olympic games…) And what’s this obsession with perfection ? Perfection doesn’t exist, it never will.

At first, before the Olympics actually began, I thought: How could such a country that does even respects the human rights, be the home of the Olympic Games ? That does make any sense to me at all. VERY frustrating. Then, I thought: Well, the Olympic is an old friendly competition. Maybe that could give China more… how such I say ? I mean, rejecting an entire country isn’t nice, right ? Let’s give China a chance. Perhaps this would help them be more open-minded and be less close on itself like at the Mao Tse-Tong time. Right now, I feel like China is just so driven by perfection that inevitably, politics are going to show up everywhere around the Olympics. Hello ?! The Olympics are supposed to be fun. Politics is not fun. But we just can’t tear them apart in this case because China is just so obsess with perfection. Gosh, that’s annoying.

I’m no journalist are politician, and I can’t tell for sure that the rumors around the opening ceremony are true, but if they are, unfortunately, it wouldn’t even surprise me. China is China. And it’s such a shame because the Chinese government takes all the space and the normal Chinese people who just work, take the bus and sleep are not represented. This gives China such a bad image and reputation.

Now. Let me tell you something even more incredible. But it’s true, no jokes. I can’t tell my sources, but it’s something huge. And absolutely reliable, of course.  Here: There’s no Olympic Games. It’s all fake. They are using us !!! -_-‘