Hi everyone, I’m a 18 year-old black lesbian who lives in Canada and I decided to do this blog in order to share my experiences (because as a Black lesbian, I’ve been through A LOT despite my young age) with people who may go through the same type of difficulties. I’m no consellor or expert, but feel free to ask any questions that goes through your mind and I’ll answer my best. 🙂 Who knows ? Maybe I went through the same thing as you are going through.

My teenagehood just has been so hard that I wanted to help people by showing them that they are NOT alone. There’s a lot a other black homosexuals or bisexuals out there, don’t you feel lonely. 😉 I have to admit, though, loneliness really has been tough on me and accounts of experiences is exactly what I wanted and needed (while desperatly lacked)and it sucked because I searched for those for a long, long time without finding anything. And now, guess what ? I just can’t let people by themselves if I can so easily help because I know how hard it is.

I’m not trying to be the official representant of the teen and\or youth black LGTB. My goal is to share hope. 😀 And, of course, to give the Black LGBT community a little bit more visibility over the internet. I’ll be writing about race, sexuality and culture, hopefully you guys will like it !

Image: Miss Nappturality 2008. Probably not lesbian, but how gorgeous 🙂

Oh, and check out the blog roll for more information and interesting websites about homosexuality, bisexuality, racism and human rights !


3 responses

17 11 2008
Viviane Aragão

I’m from Brazil and thought you beautiful.

10 04 2009

I must be difficult to fight against stupid people prejuices, I support everyone that is in that situation.

Besos desde España.

13 04 2009

Hi my name’s Josephine and i’m french (sorry if my english is not very well). I’m 17 years old and i’m in the same case as you. I’d like to know you take my e mail

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